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We want to understand you, what you are looking for, how much time you have,your skills, areas of expertise and interests.

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Tired of looking at the wrong businesses. Can't find the right business and the frustration is building. We get it.

Objectivity, we take the emotion from the buying process. Identify the "why" you would acquire the target business.

Expert negotiations to ensure you not only find the right target business but, on the best possible terms. Typically saving more than the acquisition fee.

Here's theSolution

What does our specialist do for you, and how does it work.

Working For You

We have an objective third-party specialist who's incentivised to represent your interests.

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Creating Value

There to guide you through due diligence process to find real value with appropriate businesses.

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The Buyers Agent Process


Good-old fashioned rolling up the sleeves and researching businesses in the ideal geographical market, and writing to them or phoning them directly to gauge interest.


The next step is a feasibility report, studying the opportunity in detail or growth prospects, intrinsic value, risk and ultimately the feasibility of any deal terms the vendor has at this early stage.


The purchase process itself is a well-worn path but each negotiation tends to be very, very bespoke in nature. This is why it's intelligent to involve an experienced and capable adviser.

Building Value

We identify the 11 key components where value is built and match the business to likely key buyers such as private equity funds, listed entities and offshore investors.

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A Buyers Agents not only assists the selection and negotiation process but also helps identify the key areas of the business that add future value.
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