Choose to list free and pay per verified lead, choose a monthly listing plan or choose the Allbiz list now and pay later option. Our marketing team will prepare your franchise deal room targeted at the specific franchisee by location, industry, background or according to your specific recruitment plan. Grow your network faster with the power of the Allbiz deal room.


You’ll find Allbiz has a solution for every franchise system large or small. Whether it's Greenfield sites or resales, finding the right franchisee has never been more important. Our system can provide direct leads or more complex franchise recruitment plans.


Choose simple lead generation or more complex franchise recruitment methods using our franchisee recruiter model. 100% online communication or choose a mix of online and traditional franchisee recruitment. You don’t need to be an IT expert, we help you every step of the way.

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Your specific business details are never advertised and buyers agree to a strict confidentiality agreement.

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Our franchise team will be in touch to discuss a specific marketing plan for your business and provide a realistic market appraisal so that you can feel confident about the outcome.


Next, we start the process of developing the franchise pack or use your existing franchise recruitment pack, then we upload the compliance information to ensure your protected every step of the way.


We develop an appropriate franchise marketing strategy based on the franchise type and the ideal franchisee for your business model. Every franchise system is different therefore we need to understand what makes the perfect franchisee and then we target your campaign accordingly.


Last, we load all your franchise business information to the deal room where thousands of potential franchisees have pre-registered. Buyers can then securely access your franchise pack, apply directly, complete appropriate franchise applications and finance plus more.

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Absolutely, the Allbiz deal room started as a secure data-sharing platform and evolved into a deal room therefore we have the latest secure data room options with all plans. Simply create the secure folder name, set the level of security and you're up and running. Buyers or investors all agree to a strict confidentiality agreement before any request to access documents is made and you are always in full control.

We don't recommend promoting your business name online. The majority of business owners prefer to keep their business details confidential unless you're a franchisor promoting a particular brand.

The Allbiz deal room provides a secure transaction and marketing hub for business advisors, brokers and business owners to manage their business deals such as, sale of a business, capital raising, partnership sales, commercial property sales, business opportunities, franchisor and franchisee transactions along with many other business deals. Every listing is provided with a secure deal room and document storage space then choose a marketing package to access to thousands of pre-registered buyers and investors.

There are absolutely no fees or charges during the setup of your deal and no time limits to go live. Once you've prepared your deal, simply choose a marketing package and go live. You can also go live, pay per lead and upgrade to a marketing subscription when you're ready or when the budget permits. You can also ask about our delayed payment plans for up to 6 months.

Please see our monthly payment options available for each package: Premium - 7 x $495 Professional - 7 x $595 Platinum - 12 x $495

All users are provided with a login to review their listing before going live, if you are a broker or advisor then invite your client and their accountants, solicitor, business partners. Alternatively, if you are the listing owner then you have full control to manage the listing yourself or invite your advisors, brokers and business partners. You are in control throughout the process.

We accept all major cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express plus Alipay and WeChat.

Allbiz works on all major browsers and has been thoroughly tested with Google Chrome and Safari.

Traditional business sales transact within 6 months and most within 5 months. More recent statistics show a close between 90 and 120 days although this is largely dependant on the industry, location, flexibility of the vendor and asking price.

The short answer is no as all buyers are required to agree to a strict confidentiality agreement. All marketing is confidential in conjunction with the Allbiz secure deal room to ensure your business details are protected. If you are concerned then we suggest advising key staff that you are considering your options and testing the market.

This depends on the marketing package which includes options to promote to the thousands of investors, business buyers, high net worth, family offices and fund managers. We also offer marketing on multiple digital business sales and opportunity platforms, direct Google marketing, social media, outbound dialling, Youtube marketing and more. We also offer a platinum boosted marketing campaign with targeted outbound dialling and email marketing.

Using our business readiness program our success rate is in excess of 60% or three (3) times the industry average.

Absolutely every industry and we are continually expanding our range. Whilst focussed on business and partnership sales you are welcome to list commercial properties, motels, hotels, business assets, websites and domains, business opportunities or just about any business-related listing.

Simply click on the "Request Access" button. The business broker or business owner will receive an instant notification and either provide immediate electronic access or contact you to discuss the opportunity.

To change your password, click the "My Profile" tab and then proceed to "Change Password" and follow the instructions.

If you have registered directly on the site without using social media, you will need to wait for the administration team to contact you in order to approve your access request. Alternatively, you can contact the team yourself on 1800 858 696 or email and state that you would like your account to be approved.

There are several options, 1. Click on the register button using social media for instant access or 2. Register with your name and email, our support team will then call to verify your profile 3. Choose a business and request access by submitting your details.

Once you are following a deal (Listing) you will receive notifications about the deal progress and status updates. You can update these by logging into your dashboard then go to profile and update the "notification" settings.

Yes, absolutely you can still use Allbiz. Our platform is a business deal room or marketplace plus we offer marketing packages. We are not a brokerage however if you need an advisor or broker we can connect you with accredited business brokers and business advisors in your area.

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