DPA + MM3+5. NSW. 2x clinics.12 GPs. 1 bldg 4 sale


Sydney 2000 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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17 days ago
  • Business & 1x bldg for sale (if reqd or long-term lease avail)
  • Vendor to stay on as a GP wkg P/T for 3 yrs
  • Business across 2x accredited clinics in 2x towns 25 mins apart
  • MB w/ 15% BB
  • 4,000+ active pts

My vendor is keen to withdraw gradually from practice to spend more time doing the work he enjoys incl teaching, advisory & research. His goal is to get out of practice ownership & to stay at the practice/s wkg 3x days for 3 yrs.

There are 12x GPs (10x FTE's) under the co# umbrella, w/ the majority wkg b/w 3-4 days/wk. All drs are either employed or contracted. The GPs meet regularly, work harmoniously together & should stay post settlement.

The main clinic has 8x CR's & a 2x nurse room w/ Laverty path as a subtenant. The main bldg is an imposing 711m2 structure, in the centre of town, surrounded by 16 car parks. The waiting rooms & reception have been beautifully renovated w/ the assistance of an interior designer, creating a warm & pleasant environment for the pts. The lease can be assigned or the building can be sold at current valuation. In the main building, a Commonwealth GP Respiratory & vacc clinic (GPRC) was constructed in mid-2020 & is connected to the main GP clinic. When the GPRC project finishes, this area can be used for additional CR's including space for a rehab area or more CR's. There are current negotiations with Allied Health practitioners towards this goal. A F/T podiatrist and a P/T Psychologist wil commence offering their services in Feb 2023.

There is a satellite clinic 32 kms away w/ 3x CR's servicing a popln of 3,600. With 1200x 55yrs + homes being built so popln may inc to 6,000 in the future. Most drs have provider no# for both clinics. Both clinics receive PIPs + WIPS. This leased space is in a shopping centre with 300 car parks & significant foot traffic from the abundant retirees in this growing town. The current lease extends to June 30 2024 with a further 3-yr option. There is a nurse rm + path rm, with Sonic as the subtenant.

Online meetings AHs (if reqd) are the first step, w/ an AHs site visit to be scheduled if reqd.

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