DPA + MMM5. NSW Sth Coast GP clinic with 2x GPs


Tuross Head 2537 Tuross Head, New South Wales, Australia

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16 days ago

Family-friendly medical services in a purpose built, modern facility with 5x CR's and 2x Drs. This MC has loads of growth opportunities as it is not yet fully utilized! The team of drs & nurses have been carefully selected to ensure they provide high levels of pt care. They cover all aspects of health, not just the physical component. They realize the importance and impact that mental health has on one’s life and provide mental health related services as well to ensure well-rounded and comprehensive care. The modern facility provides pts with all the latest treatments as the owner regularly invests in modern technologies and equipment. 

They are committed to providing fair cost medical services so health can become accessible to everyone and not just a select few. They do offer BB for eligible services. Certain services like Work Cover injuries and other services may not be eligible for bulk billing.

Services offered:

  • CDM
  • Comprehensive Diabetes management incl Footcare, Insulin Management
  • COPD + Asthma Management
  • Men's, Women’s + children's Health
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Pregnancy-related care
  • Minor surgery
  • Skin cancer management
  • Procedures
  • Chronic pain management
  • Mental Health
  • skin biopsies & flap/graft repairs
  • Venesection for Hemochromatosis
  • Post-operative dressing
  • Podiatrist service
  • Audiology & hearing test
  • Annual health checks
  • Work cover injuries and reports
  • Fracture and sprain management- cast and straps
  • Intra-articular injections for Arthritis incl Cortisone & PRP
  • intra-lesional injection- keloids, scars, Contractures
  • Cyst excisions, Callosities, warts, nail removal
  • Wedge excision for ingrowing nails, Abscess drainage
  • Pre-Employment and Drivers Fitness Medical
  • Antenatal care including shared care with Specialist
  • Emergency management- wound closure, Early stabilization
  • Pre-employment health checks- Drug test, audiometry
  • Travel advise incl vaccinations, prophylaxis

Site visits would be at a mutually agreed time AH's; in the 1st instance; online meetings will occur. 

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