Q. My business is already on the market. Can I use Allsales?

Answer: Yes, you can still use Allsales. Allsales is a business sales marketplace and advertising platform and not a business brokerage. All business brokers are welcome to use the Allsales deal room providing they hold suitable insurances and have at least two (2) years industry experience.

Q. I'm a business broker, can I list my clients business on Allsales ?

Absolutely yes, many of our sellers still need assistance during the sale process as a traditional brokers or inspections or negotiation services. Business brokers can apply for accreditation with Allsales providing they hold suitable insurances and have at least two (2) years industry experience. If your new to the industry then we can help partner you with an experienced business broker.

Q. I want to keep my business sale confidential, do you advertise my business details or information?

Absolutely not. All of your business details are uploaded to our secure deal room where buyers can access only once they've agreed to a strict tripartite confidentiality agreement that cover you (the business owner) and Allsales.

Q. Can I advertise the business name?

Sure, whilst the majority of business owners prefer to keep the business details confidential you can of course decide to advertise the brand. Often franchise brands will promote the brand and a general location without the need to disclose the full details in the marketing.

Q. How does Allsales Work?

In short, the Allsales marketplace (often referred to as the deal room) has developed a process that helps business owners and business brokers sell businesses in the least time for the best price.

Q. How do I arrange a business valuation?

Easy, complete our online business appraisal link (https://www.allsales.biz/quick-listing) and our experienced business consultants will be in contact to collect any further information in order to provide you with a business estimate or valuation.

Q. When do I pay my listing fees and how do I make payment?

Listing fees are paid prior to going live with a $950 deposit to commence the documentation process and the balance prior to going live.

Q. If I choose to pay later, how does this work?

If, you opted to pay later and your business hasn’t sold after six months, you will need to pay the balance of fees but we will still market the business for you until it has sold.

Q. How do I review my the advertising

You, or your business broker will be provided a login to review the advertising, update and generally manage the sale process. You are in control throughout the process.

Q. Does AllSales accept or allow to use debit and credit card?

Yes, Accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments from customers worldwide. We also offer Alipay and WeChat Pay enables Chinese consumers to pay directly via online transfer from their bank account.

Q. What browser do I need to access AllSales App?

Allsales should work on all major browsers and has been thoroughly tested with Google Chrome and Safari.

Q. What is your success rate?

Our success rate is currently in excess of 50% of all business sales or more than double the industry average.

Q. How long on average does it take to sell a business?

Typically between five and six months however some business are sold within weeks. The industry, location and asking price logically determine how long it will take.

Q. How do I market my business without my employees and customers finding out?

The majority of business owners decide to consult key staff and customers upfront and the balance of staff closer to the final settlement dates. Typically it would be unusual for staff or customers to discover the business for sale as the business details are hidden from the public.

Q. How much does Allsales charge for the business listing services?

Our business readiness / business listing only is a fixed fee of $5950 plus GST. - this includes everything you need to sell your business.

Q. What does a business broker charge?

Our accredited business brokers and business consultants charge a success fee of $25,950 plus GST for businesses sales up to $340,000 OR 7.75% plus GST for business sales above $340,000.

Q. What is Allsales

Allsales is a dedicated "business for sale" marketplace where we help sellers prepare their business for sale and assist brokers and private sellers in the promotion and marketing of their business.

Allsales strives to connect buyers and sellers and to make the business sale process an easy one.

Q. How can I list my business ?

Easy, simply complete our online business appraisal link and our experienced business consultants will be in contact to collect any further information in order to provide you with a business estimate or valuation.

Q. I'm a buyer, why Allsales ?

Allales is your one stop shop for business sale opportunities including all related services, directories and transaction functionality.

Q. What industries does Allsales work with

Absolutely every industry, there are no exceptions or exclusions.

Q. How do I receive access to the Information Memorandum if it is private?

To receive access to documents and files that are otherwise locked, simply click the "Request Access" button in the Information Memorandum tab of the business listing.

Alternatively, feel free to ask the relevant broker or office for access.

Q. How do I change my password?

To change your password, click the "My Profile" tab and then proceed to "Change Password" and follow the instructions.

Q. Why is my account inactive when I sign up?

If you have registered without using social media, you will need to wait for the administration team to contact you in order to approve your access request.

Alternatively, you can contact the team yourself on 1800 858 696 or email admin@mentored.business and state that you would like your account to be approved.

Q. I’m interested in buying a business, how do I register?

There are several options, 1. Click on the register button using social media for instant access or 2. Register with your name and email, our support team will then call to verify your profile 3. Choose a business and request access by submitting your details.

Q. I’m interested in selling my business, how do I find out more?

Go to https://www.allsales.biz/quick-listing and complete the business listing link to receive a business appraisal and proposal for listing your business.

Q. What happens once I follow a campaign?

Once you are following a campaign you will receive notifications about their progress and status.